6.9L / 7.3L IDI Pump / Injector Install Kit

Fits 1983 - 1994

Our 6.9 / 7.3 IDI injector & pump installation kit includes plastic return fittings, injector o-rings and washers, return line, clamps, and line seals. If any of your return lines or connections leak, the injection pump will 'bleed back' and the truck will be very hard to start after sitting. It may briefly start and then stall requiring very long crank times to re-prime the pump. You may select injector installation kit only below, or injector and pump installation kit which adds several seals for the injection supply and return lines, pump mount o-ring, and pump drive bolts.

These are high quality 6.9 / 7.3 IDI injector pump installation kits from some of the oldest and best names in the diesel industry with components from the USA and Germany. We have used and sold them for many years - they fit and work, unlike many generic kits on the market. 

NOTE: There are two different return cap designs used on these engines. The EARLY design has the return line in the center of the cap and uses 3/16ths inch return lines, while the LATE design has the return fittings at the edge of the cap and uses 1/4 inch lines. Generally the early design was used from 1983 to mid 1991, while the late design was used from mid '91 to 1994. However, if your engine was changed at some point, this may not be accurate, so it is best to visually verify. See picture below

Note to 1994 owners with factory installed turbo only - your truck may have one or two special return fittings that are not available except from your dealer. Usually these are re-usable. Most 1994 owners find that this kit still meets their needs.

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