LB7 Duramax

- Glow Plug Super Kit -


(8) Premium Dual-Coil USA Glow Plugs
(2) Glow Plug Straps
(1) Glow Plug / Air Intake Heater Relay

LB7 Duramax Starting hard? Maybe it's time to make the whole glow plug system new again - we make it easy with our super kit - everything you need in one purchase!

For 2001 - 2004 LB7 Chevy / GMC Duramax


If you have a 2004 Duramax you will need to verify if it is an LB7 or LLY. If the eighth digit of the VIN is a "1" then you have an LB7 and these plugs will fit. They will NOT fit 2004.5 and later Duramax.

If you are planning to change your Duramax glow plugs, it is quite common that you will also need the glow plug straps, especially if you live in the northern states where salt often causes them to rust to the point of total breakage. Corroded straps will cause poor connections and reduced current carrying capacity resulting in hard starting. Be sure you are prepared by having new straps on hand when you are ready to replace your glow plugs.

About our Glow Plugs:

  • Domestically made - Our glow plugs are the only ones manufactured in the USA - any other brand you purchase is made in another country - support American workers!
  • OEM Quality - Mention any major player in commercial diesel engines, and our manufacturer has probably made their glow plugs. In fact our Duramax glow plugs come out of the very same factory that exclusively manufacturers glow plugs for the US Military HUMVEE.
  • Quality control - Our glow plugs are made in an ISO 9001:2000 certified facility. Every glow plug undergoes stringent examination and testing before being shipped. In fact, every glow plug is tested twice before delivery. The defective rate last year was a mere 0.00007 percent!
  • Post heating - Our glow plugs are designed to continue delivering heat for a short period after power is removed - this contributes to smoother engine operations with less smoke
  • Long life - Premium glow plugs are designed for longevity, and also to resist the swelling problem common with many poorly designed glow plugs that makes removal difficult or impossible.

FULL DISCLOSURE: The glow plug straps included in this kit are NOT American made - only the glow plugs. At the present, we have not located a USA made source of glow plug straps, but these imported straps are well made and work fine.

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