6.7L Powerstroke

DEF Fluid Pump

(replacement DEF pump kit includes mounting oring and seal, mounting hardware, and priming syringe)


2011 - 2016 Super Duty

F250, F350, F450, F550

Ford uses the term "reductant pump assembly" to describe the DEF pump which is mounted to the top of the DEF heater / sender assembly. The DEF pump is part of the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system and is responsible for pressurizing the the DEF fluid (a urea solution) to 73 PSI and delivering it to the DEF injector via the reductant pressure line. It contains a diaphragm pressure pump, pressure sensor, purge valve, outlet filter, and internal heating element.

When the PCM commands a reductant injection the reductant injector opens and the reductant pump operates, filling the reductant pressure line and the reductant injector to purge the air out of the system. When all of the air is purged, the reductant injector closes, allowing the reductant pump pressure to build. When the vehicle is shut down, the PCM closes the reductant injector and actuates the reductant pump purge valve, causing the reductant pump to reverse the pump flow and bleed down the pressure from the reductant pressure line. The PCM then opens the reductant injector to allow air to enter the reductant pressure line, which in turn allows the reductant pump to purge all remaining reductant from the system and return it to the reductant tank. The PCM then closes the reductant injector and returns the reductant pump purge valve to the forward pump position

Due to EPA requirements, faults in the DEF system which cause codes to set may cause the vehicle to operate in derate mode limiting engine power and speed.

Before replacing any DEF system compoenent for a related code, please be sure to follow factory diagnostic procedures, paying special attention to the integrity of wiring and connectors to avoid unnecessary part replacement.

When replacing the DEF pump it is vital to confirm that the diesel emission fluid has not become contaminated with petroleum (diesel fuel). Contaminated fluid will cause very rapid failure of the new pump assembly. It is also of critical importance to clean the entire top of the DEF tank and area around the top of the pump and sending unit before removing any components. Dirt particles entering the DEF system will also cause immediate failure. Do not use any petroleum products (grease or oil) to lubricate orings and seals in the DEF system. It is recommended to only use DEF for this purpose. Before installing the 6.7 diesel exhaust fluid pump be sure to prime it using the included syringe following the factory procedure.

6.7 DEF fluid pump replaces the following part numbers (and others):

BC3Z5J229L, BC3Z5L227K, BC3Z5L229L, 904-369

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