6.7L Powerstroke

DEF Fluid Heater

(includes tank seal and hardware kit)


2011 - 2016 Super Duty

F250, F350, and F450

(Note: Fits pickups only - will NOT fit wide-frame Cab / Chassis models)

Commonly called the "DEF Heater", this unit is located in the DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) tank and actually contains the pickup tube for the reductant pump module, an electric heating element, a temperature sensor, and an electrode-type level sensor. Ford terms the whole unit the "reductant heater and sender assembly".

Due to EPA requirements, faults in the DEF system which cause codes to set may cause the vehicle to operate in derate mode limiting engine power and speed.

Following is a brief description of the functions of this component:

The PCM commands the Glow Plug Control Module (GPCM) to provide voltage to the reductant pump assembly internal heating element, reductant pressure line heater and the reductant heater and sender assembly when the reductant (a mixture of 32.5% urea and deionized water) temperature approaches its freezing point of -11°C (12°F). The reductant heater and sender assembly heating element is located directly above the pickup tube inlet filter. When the reductant heater and sender assembly temperature sensor detects the reductant temperature dropping to its freezing point, the reductant heater and sender assembly heating element thaws and maintains a pool of liquid reductant within the reductant heater and sender assembly reservoir.

The reductant heater and sender assembly level sensor incorporates four stainless steel electrodes. Three electrodes arranged vertically provide a high, middle, and low level signal and the fourth electrode runs the length of the level sensor and acts as a ground. The reductant is a good conductor of electricity. When the reductant tank is full, the reductant closes a circuit between all three level electrodes and the ground electrode, indicating the tank is full. As the reductant is consumed, the level drops and uncovers each electrode in sequence. The PCM calculates the reductant level based on these signals.

Before replacing the DEF / urea heater / reservoir assembly for a related code, please be sure to follow factory diagnostic procedures, paying special attention to the integrity of wiring and connectors to avoid unnecessary part replacement.

Replaces the following part numbers (and others):

BC3Z-5J225-L, BC3Z5J225KA, BC3Z5J225L, BC3Z5L227F, 904-372, EM1501URH,

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