6.5L Injection Pump Timing Tool

Replaces GM / Kent-Moore J-29872

Time to install a new fuel injector pump on your 6.2 or 6.5 Chevy or GMC Diesel? Setting the injection pump timing is super-critical, and trying to do so without the proper special tool is a real pain!  Our improved version of the factory tool makes the job much easier.

To keep the cost of the tool and shipping down we determined that having a long handle like the factory tool was unnecessary. Everyone has 3/8th inch extensions! Just stick your long 3/8ths extension into the recess in the tool and tighten the set screw to secure.  If you don't have a long extension, just stick several extensions together. The extension is used as a handle to maneuver the tool into position and gives good leverage to easily and precisely rotate the injection pump to the correct timing position. This tool will save hours of frustration trying to rotate the injection pump precisely using pry bars or screwdrivers and prevent damaging the injection pump, fingers, and surrounding parts.

100% designed and manufactured in Michigan USA!

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