6.0L Ford Powerstroke
- Premium Glow Plug Kit -

(8) Premium USA Made Dual Coil Glow Plugs

- AND -

Either or both of the following (select as desired):

- Glow Plug Controller
- Left and Right Ford 6.0 Glow Plug Harnesses

6.0 Powerstroke glow plug kit fits:

2003 - 2010 Ford Trucks, Vans, and Excursions

(Please note that Glow Plug harnesses only fit 9/23/03 - 2010)

Our Ford 6.0 Glow Plug Harness is made by the same manufacturer that produces glow plugs for US Military Humvees as well as many other OEM applications including some very famous and respected names in the diesel industry.

Why are dual coil glow plugs superior?

  1. Self-regulating - A high positive temperature coefficient limits current flow as the glow plug heats up to prevent the tip from overheating, melting, and swelling
  2. Fast heat - Premium glow plugs heat up much faster again due to the dual coil design which allows initial resistance to be very low - FASTER STARTS
  3. Post heating - The glow plug retains heat much better than other designs for smoother cold engine operation right after starting.
  4. Long life - Tired of constant glow plug replacements that eat up your diesel savings? Here's your solution!
  5. Customer tried and true - these are a highly praised item on the diesel discussion boards.

Our 6.0 Powerstroke glow plug kit is proudly made in the USA!

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