6.7L Ford Powerstroke

Secondary Fuel Filter Supply Line Quick Connector Repair Kit

(Back connector on engine-compartment mounted filter)

If the back (fuel supply) line on the secondary engine-compartment mounted fuel filter has been broken or damaged, there was traditionally only one option - to replace the entire fuel fuel line assembly which lists for over $220 from the dealer and is a very significant labor operation to replace. With our Ford fuel filter supply line repair kit, you can replace just the damaged connector and be on the road again in 15 minutes or less.


(Always were safety goggles and other protective equipment when performing repairs and be sure to consult factory service manual, for additional precautions.)

1. Cut the factory nylon fuel line several inches from the connector. Be sure to cut the line in an area where it is straight, not on a bend.  Use a very sharp razor or utility knife with a brand new blade or a specialized nylon line cutting tool in order to achieve a perfectly straight and square cut without crushing the line.

2. Cut the replacement line to the correct length

3. Install the new quick connector to one end of the new section of line and the brass hose splicer to the opposite end.

4. Using an appropriate set of clamping pliers, install one 360 degree seal clamp at each end of the new replacement hose assembly and seat the clamps very firmly

5. Slide the last clamp over the old hose and install the new hose assembly into the existing line on the vehicle and firmly seat the clamp.

6. Install the new quick connector to the fuel filter and push down on the yellow locking tab closest to the fuel filter to lock the quick connector in place.

7. Have someone cycle the ignition to pressurize the fuel system and carefully check for leaks. Then start the engine and continue to monitor for leakage before operating the vehicle. 

 Note: When it comes time to replace the fuel filter later, the new quick connector is released by pulling outward on the yellow locking tab closest to the fuel filter, then pushing IN on the thumb tab farther away from the fuel filter.

Repairs factory line part number (and others):


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