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Ford 7.3 L IDI and Powerstroke from 3/1992 through 1995

NOT rebuilt or aftermarket reproduction

PLEASE NOTE: This is the drive mechanism only - the vacuum pump POD is NOT included. It is very common for the bearings in these pumps to fail. If your pump still produced vacuum, but the bearings have failed, you can purchase this vacuum pump mechanism unit, swap your POD over in a matter of moments, and be ready to roll!

NOTE: These drive mechanisms contain oil for lubrication. The oil is kept in by a plastic plug until your POD is installed. After removing the plastic plug, please keep the drive in an upright position until the POD is installed to prevent the oil from running out.

The highest quality available - at a fraction of the dealer cost!

Our part number 4958 replaces Ford F4TZ-2A451-A.

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