Super Duty Front Inner Axle Seal Installer

Front Axle Seal Applications:
All Ford Super Duty straight axle trucks
1978 - 2016
(Dana 50 / Dana 60 Axle)

Is there oil leaking out the ends of the front axles tubes on your Super Duty Ford truck? If so, it is time for some new inner axles seals.

If you have ever attempted this job before, you know that installing these oil-bath design seals is nearly impossible without the correct tools. Improvised methods involving boards, sockets, or hammers will result in collapsing the expensive seals, requiring the job to be repeated. Unfortunately, the factory tools are not very affordable at upwards of $300 and can still damage the seal if the technician is not extremely cautious.

Our Super Duty Inner Axle Seal Installer allows one technician working alone to install each seal in minutes to the correct depth without seal damage. Rather than using a spreader concept like the factory tool, our Dana 50/ 60 inner axle seal tool allows the seal to be driven in from the end of the axle using the technician's own 1/2 inch drive extensions to reach through the axle housing. No damage is done to the extensions since a 1/2 inch driving adapter is supplied with the kit. This tool will pay for itself in one job!

Kit contents: Ford axle seal driver and 1/2 inch driving adapter. 1/2 inch extension is shown for illustrative purposes only - customer will need to supply their own 1/2 inch extensions.



1. Disassemble the front axle according to the steps listed in the factory service manual and remove the old inner axles seals using a long screwdriver and hammer to knock them out toward the center from the end of the axle tube.

2. Install a new seal onto the seal driver as shown below. The seal is designed to snap into place on the adapter.

3. Position the seal driver and seal assembly squarely into the housing as shown below.

4. Assemble 1/2 inch extensions as necessary to reach from the seal driver to the outer end of the axle housing.

5. Install the driving adapter onto the last 1/2 inch extension and drive the seal firmly into place by hammering firmly on the driving adapter.

6. Be sure to seat the seal all the way. There will be a significant change in tone when the seal is seated. (The seal driver is designed to set the correct seal depth in the axle and cannot be driven any further when the correct depth is reached.)

7. Remove the seal driver and reassemble the axle. The correctly installed seal will appear as in the picture below.

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