Workhorse Chassis
2005 - 2011 Workhorse LF72, R26, W72, and P42
with 6.6L Engine

Garrett's variable geometry turbocharger allows one turbo to effectively take the place of two. At low RPM's the vanes are configured to make the turbo spool up quickly to minimize lag, at higher RPM's the vane angle is changed to perform like a larger turbo. The variable geometry system uses a PCM commanded electric solenoid to control the flow of pressurized engine oil which moves a piston to control the movement of the variable vanes.

A variable geometry turbo that is not working correctly will cause your truck to either be slow taking off or lacking in top-end performance depending on what position the vanes are stuck in.

The most common failure of the VGT turbocharger is a stuck unison ring, or stuck vanes. Before replacing your truck actuator, it is advisable to disassemble the exhaust side of the turbo which is a relatively simple process and ensure that everything moves freely and that the unison ring is not worn. A wear spot where the actuator arm contacts the unison ring can cause a mechanical jamb.

Our brand new aftermarket replacement solenoid comes complete with all o-rings, retaining bracket, and the retaining bracket bolt.

Replaces the following part numbers:

9806157 904-268 Garrett 792593-0001

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