6.4L Powerstroke

Injector Installation Kit

- Injection Line
- Injector Tip Gasket
- Injector body O-ring

2008 - 2010 6.4L Powerstroke

OEM requires that anytime the injection lines are removed or loosened,

they MUST be replaced. Fuel system pressure on the 6.4L maxes out at

nearly 25,000 PSI and even the tiniest leak will cause oil dilution and

possible engine damage due to the under-the-valve-cover location of the

fuel injector and line assembly. Don't risk catastrophic engine failure

by re-using old lines. Buy our 6.4 injector installation kit to help you replace new lines!

The tip / chamber gasket and body o-ring should also be considered single-use items.

6.4 Injector installation kit replaces the following part numbers (and others):

8C3Z9229A AP0027 1855644C3

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