- Glow Plug Connector Set -

Made in the USA

For all 2001 - 2013 Sprinter (Dodge, Freightliner, and Mercedes)

2001 - 2006 2.7L Five cylinder engines
2007 - 2013 3.0L Six cylinder engines

The Problem:

Many older Sprinter vans have issues with the glow plug connectors. Unfortunately, the factory glow plug harness is very expensive and involved to replace and the factory glow plug connectors are not available separately.

What these ARE:

After spending more time than was justifiable calling connector companies and determining that no close facsimile of the original was to be found, we came up with the next best alternative. These are heavy duty, high quality "MADE IN THE USA" heat shrink bullet connectors. You will need to cut off your old terminals from the existing wires, remove a short strip of insulation, and crimp the new terminals onto your existing wiring. The upper section of the connector will then need to be heated to shrink it to the wiring. Each connectors is internally coated with a glue like substance that melts when heated to create a moisture tight seal with the wire.

What these are NOT:

Please don't expect an exact duplicate of your original connectors with this Sprinter glow plug replacement. The OEM parts simply are not available individually. These connectors do not have the positive snap retention system the original connectors did. However, they fit snugly and stay in place nicely and provide a reasonably priced alternative to the expensive and involved factory harness.

- Please note: Sprinter glow plug is not included - shown for illustration purposes only. This listing is for a set of (6) Sprinter glow plug connectors only.
(These will be one extra connector if you have a five cylinder.)

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