6.0L / 6.4L Ford Powerstroke

Billet Aluminum Oil Filter / Lower Fuel Filter Cap
- with Pressure Test Port -

2003 - 2010 6.0L and 6.4L SuperDuty Trucks (will NOT fit Vans)

Looking to dress up your truck?
Set it off with a billet cap!

This cap fits both the oil filter and lower frame-rail mounted HFCM (Horizontal Fuel Conditioning Module) primary fuel filter.

Pressure port usage - Oil Filter
This cap features a standard 1/4 NPT pressure port which can be used as a connection point for the following:
- Oil pressure gauge
- Oil temperature sending unit
- Bypass oil filter system. Larger 1/4 NPT connection allows adequate flow for bypass filtration compared to smaller ports on competitive caps

Test port usage - Fuel Filter
The HFCM mounted fuel filter is located on the suction side of the electric fuel pump. Factory service procedures specify using a fuel vacuum/pressure gauge connected at the HFCM drain plug port by means of a Ford special tool to check for problems in the suction side of the fuel system such as a restricted fuel tank pickup sock. The test port on this filter cap will allow the same testing to be performed at a lower cost.

Tired of plastic caps that round off and need replacement?
No more stripping, cracking, or breakage with this heavy duty aluminum cap which weighs almost a pound!

Proudly made 100% in the USA!

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