VW Vacuum Pump Repair Kit

- Make Your Brakes work like new Again -

This vacuum pump repair kit includes the rubber diaphragm which is very prone to tearing leaving you with a brake pedal that you have to stand on to stop your car! Also included are a few new screws and washers to make the job easier.

Our vacuum pump rebuild kit is easy to install! Only basic skills / tools needed.

If you own a VW Diesel, you should have one of these in your glovebox for a spare. If you need one today, buy two so you have one for next time!

Fits the following vehicles: (w/ 1.5L or 1.6L Diesel)
Rabbit - '75 - '84
Golf - '85 - 92
Jetta - '81 - '87
Dasher - '78 - '81
Quantum '82 -'85
Vanagon '82 - '84
Audi 4000 - '82 - 83

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