Stanadyne Performance Formula Diesel Fuel Additive

- Stanadyne Diesel Fuel Additive Specially Formulated for ULSD -

- Case of (12) One Pint Bottles -

Why should I use Stanadyne diesel fuel additive?

By now, almost everyone has heard of ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel). The previous generation of fuel was termed LSD or Low Sulfur Diesel. While LSD could contain up to 500 PPM (parts per million), ULSD can contain up to a maximum of 15 PPM of sulfur. The reduction in sulfur was for a good cause - the pursuit of cleaner air. Newer diesels must meet very stringent emissions regulations and many will do this by using particulate traps. Sulfur plugs these traps and ruins them. However, removing the sulfur from diesel fuel also removes many of the lubricating qualities of the diesel fuel. Sulfur is NOT a lubricant, however, the chemical process which removes sulfur also removes the mercaptans which are a lubricant. Lubrication is vitally important to the life of injectors, injection pumps, and other fuel systems components. Newer diesels have VERY expensive fuel systems - you don't want to take chances here. Stanadyne performance formula restores the lubricating qualities of diesel fuel.

What other functions does Stanadyne Performance Formula offer?

    Fights fuel gelling waxing, and freeze-up in cold weather Lowers pour-point as much as 40 degrees Increases fuel cetane rating Combat rust and corrosion Cleans injectors Stabilizes fuel to prevent bacteria growth

What is cetane, and why do I need it?

Cetane is a measure of a diesel fuel's ability to self-ignite. Remember, diesels do not have spark plugs, so this is very important. Although gasoline quality is very consistent in the United States, diesel fuel quality varies greatly, and there is a lot of low cetane fuel out there. Low cetane causes harder starting, white smoke, rough cold idle, low power, and lower fuel economy. Therefore, if an additive can increase cetane, it can cause a notable increase in performance, fuel economy, etc. Cetane improver is the most expensive part of a diesel fuel additive - thus, most additive manufacturers add just enough to say it is in there - around 10 percent by volume. Performance Formula contains up to 40% by volume. There are lots of snake oils claiming to improve fuel economy, etc based on junk science and unknown principles. I refuse to be involved with any such product. The science behind cetane improvement is real, and it works. Of course, if you are buying fuel with a high cetane rating, you will not see many of these benefits, but they can be startling on low cetane fuel, and, in fact, will more than pay for the additive in most cases - that is why some fleets are using this!

Is Performance Formula better than other additives?

In addition to the reasons, outlined above, this Stanadyne diesel additive has a number of additional advantages. First, Performance Formula is made by Stanadyne - a diesel injection equipment manufacturer. Other additives are made by chemical companies - that also make car polish, air fresheners, etc, etc. Second, Stanadyne Performance Formula is the only brand recommended and used by OEM's: GM, Ford, John Deere, VW, Caterpillar, AM General, Navistar, etc. Very rarely do you see an additive endorsed by a vehicle manufacturer! In fact, they often discourage additive use. Third, Performance Formula is the #1 additive recommended and carried by diesel injection repair facilities - many offer an extended warranty on repairs if Performance Formula is used. Fourth, independent testing by Southwest Research rates Stanadyne number one in three critical areas as compared to the 10 most popular additives on the market.

Should I use Stanadyne Performance Formula year around?

Yes! Even though you will not experience fuel gelling issues in summer months, other issues such as lubricity are more severe during summer months. Water and condensation are also a problem in the summer. You should use Stanadyne diesel fuel additive year around.

Does Stanadyne Performance Formula Contain Alcohol?

Absolutely not! Alcohol damages fuel injection systems! It causes corrosion, wear, and possible bacterial growth. Fuel systems manufacturers forbid the use of additives containing alcohol. If you are buying your additive at a big box store, or gas station, it probably contains alcohol. Don't use it!

How much should I use? 

In all but the most extreme cases, use the recommended amount - 1 bottle per 60 gallons. If your fuel system "freezes up" you can add Performance formula directly to the fuel filter to "thaw" it out. If your temperature is going to be below negative 20 degrees, you may want to add a little extra.

Can't I just use ATF as a fuel additive?

You can, but it is akin to using a pipe wrench to install a headlight bulb - it is the wrong tool for the job. ATF contains additives that cause ash buildup when burned, causing long-term harm to the engine. ATF was designed for use in transmissions - keep it there!

How should I add Performance Formula to my fuel?

Wait until you are ready to fill up, pour the additive in the tank, then fill the tank with fuel - this properly mixes the additive with the fuel.

I even use Performance Formula in my own truck, and, as many know, I don't like to spend money with no net results! In this case, the payoff far exceeds the cost. At an average 15 miles per gallon, one case of Stanadyne diesel fuel additive is enough to last you for nearly 11,000 miles of driving.

A case of (12) pint bottles treats 720 gallons.

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