- Glow Plug Set -

2005 - 2006
2.8L CRD Diesel

When replacing glow plugs in your Liberty, it is of prime importance to determine if your Jeep is currently equipped with 5 volt, or 7 volt glow plugs. These vehicles came equipped from the factory with 7 volt ceramic glow plugs. Unfortunately, the ceramic plugs had a nasty habit of breaking and falling into the cylinder causing major engine damage. Many CRD's were returned to the dealer where an update package was installed which involved (4) 5 Volt glow plugs and revised computer programming.

IF you Jeep still has the original 7 Volt glow plugs then these plugs are the correct replacements for the no-longer-available ceramic plugs. If your truck has been updated to the 5 Volt plugs then these plugs will NOT work in your application!

Jeep Liberty glow plugs made in Italy - where your Jeep's engine was manufactured!

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