- Genuine OEM Bosch-

High Pressure Fuel Pump
(NOT Remanufactured)
- NO Core Charge -

Part Numbers:

BOSCH - 0 445 020 126 L-W
Navistar - 3005275C1, 3007641C93, 5010750R92, 5010750R93, 5010750C92, 5010780R1,5010780R2, 3007641C96, F00E200549, 0445020126, 0445020126LW
Bosch Reman #: 0986437506

This Bosch high pressure diesel fuel pump is fitted to International Navistar Maxxforce 11L and 13L Applications

To ensure this Bosch high pressure diesel fuel pump is correct for your application, it is absolutely critical to match up by part number. Please do not purchase by application alone without verifying that the part number matches what is on your pump (or is a valid supercession). It will NOT fit 15L applications even though it appears the same - please do NOT purchase this pump for a 15L application.

These high pressure diesel fuel pumps are also popular for monster engine builds for common rail pull trucks, etc as they can eliminate the need for multiple CP3 pumps on extremely high HP applications.

Please note that this Bosch injector pump will ship to EXACT
match credit card address or PayPal address only. Non-compliant orders
WILL be cancelled.

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