Injection Pump Shut-off Solenoid


John Deere

with Stanadyne or Roosamaster injection pumps (12 volt applications)

This Stanadyne/Roosamaster injection pump fuel shut-off replaces part numbers

RE62240 RE37089 AR51796 AR90340 AR48219 26214

This is a high-quality Italian made part - not a China-made copy with which we have seen a lot of issues.

If this solenoid fails you may experience:


No-start hot

Machine quits when it gets hot

To check the solenoid, you can energize the front electrical terminal on the injection pump with a jumper wire - you should hear a distinct click as the solenoid operates. Sometimes they only cease to operate when they get warm. There are other causes for the above mentioned problems, so you should do a little diagnosis before replacement.

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