Ford 6.9L / 7.3L IDI

Vacuum Regulator Valve Mechanical Conversion Kit

Fits 1983 - 1994

There are still tens of thousands of good reliable old IDI Ford Diesels running around the world - unfortunately, there are some parts that are getting to be very hard or impossible to find, and the Ford vacuum regulator valve (VRV) is one of them. The VRV bolts to the side of the injection pump and receives a mechanical input from the throttle shaft which it then converts into a variable vacuum signal that serves as an input to the vacuum modulator on the C6 automatic transmission.

The Ford vacuum regulator valves are plastic and are easily broken when climbing around the engine compartment. If your valve is broken or no longer functioning correctly we have a solution. This kit replaces the vacuum modulator on the side of the C6 automatic transmission with a mechanical modulator which is then connected to an included cable that connects to the throttle shaft on the injection pump. This system is simpler and more reliable than the original vacuum setup.

The second picture shows an OEM VRV which our unit replaces. There were various designs through the years, so yours may vary somewhat in appearance

Replaces the following part numbers (and others):


Instructions are included.


Will NOT most Fit 4x4 models because of insufficient clearance between the transmission / transfer case bracket this includes trucks equipped with the Borg Warner 1350 Transfer Case.

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