Brand NEW

EcoDiesel Glow Plugs

(Set of 6)

- Dual Coil Design -


(with 3.0L Eco Diesel)

2014 - 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2014 - 2019 Ram Pickup

Made in Italy - the same country where your EcoDiesel engine was manufactured!

What is a "dual coil" glow plug?

Dual Coil Glow plugs, as their name implies, have two heating elements instead of just one. The addition of an extra coil allows the glow plug to have a "self-regulating" feature. In the past, glow plug design was a balancing act. If resistance was low, the plug would get very hot quickly, but would burn out. If resistance was high, the glow plug would heat up slowly, and not get very hot, but last virtually forever. Dual coil designs have what is called a "positive temperature coefficient" – the hotter the glow plug gets, the higher its resistance goes. This allows the glow plug to get very hot quickly for faster starts, but gives extended life at the same time.

Replaces Part Numbers:

68211173AA, 68460484AA, 68460484AB, HDS455, 46072020F, D6070054A, 0250603008, 0 250 603 008, GLP199

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