Turbo Vane Position Sensor
fits 2004.5 - 2016

This sensor is a common weak point on the Duramax engines. When it fails the engine computer is no longer able to keep track of the position of the variable geometry turbo. Depending on which position the LLY duramax turbo vanes are stuck in, you may experience low power either at the low or high end of the RPM range. Black smoke and turbo position sensor codes are other common symptoms. However, it is highly advised to pursue a careful diagnostic strategy before replacing this part rather than replacing it based on symptoms alone. Another common problem is that the variable vanes could also be physically stuck in one position.

Please note that due to a GM design change, 2004.5 - 2005 LLY models will require a wire harness adapter to plug this sensor into your original harness. The wiring harness adapter is included with each sensor sold.

Replaces the following part numbers (and others):

763527-0712 12643471 12635324 98011739 98061570 904-235 763527-0007 19210790

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