2004.5 - 2005

Attention LLY owners - many glow plugs being sold online for the LLY Duramax application are NOT the correct part. While most are dimensionally correct and will physically fit, you will likely find yourself with a truck that starts harder than before you changed the glow plugs. If the glow plugs you are being offered at a lower price elsewhere are advertised as also fitting the LB7 application, do not buy them. The LB7 and LLY glow plugs have different voltage ratings and are NOT interchangeable. The glow plugs being offered here are the correct 4.7 volt plugs for the LLY application. Note that any plugs being advertised as fitting both LLY and LBZ/LMM applications should also be avoided - the glow plugs are not even dimensionally the same between these applications! When you choose to shop with us, you are working with trained and experienced professionals who know diesel parts!

PLEASE check the 8th digit of your VIN number before ordering. These glow plugs ONLY fit trucks with a "2" in the eighth VIN position.

Because of the prior lack of a quality plug on the market for the LLY application, we chose, for many years, not to offer a plug for this application at all, instead referring those customers to the GM dealer. We are now pleased to be able to offer you a quality plug from a European manufacturer at a fraction of the $40+ each list cost of the GM part.

Duramax LLY glow plug set replaces the following part numbers (and others):

97326305, 63g, 80042, 0250203010, GP115

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