Injector Connector Pigtail


7.3L Ford Powerstroke

(1994 - 2003)

No need to replace the entire UVC harness if you only have one injector connector bad - we have replacement injector pigtails in stock. These are also useful as a tool for checking injector solenoid resistance with a known good connector since the solenoid terminals are physically difficult to access with the injector installed in the vehicle.

This pigtail is unique as compared to most on the market in that it uses OEM terminals - most pigtails use an aftermarket / import terminal and if you look at them closely you will see they are very misshapen. Genuine OEM terminals are shaped correctly and will provide a reliable connection.

This Ford 7.3 Powerstroke injector connection pigtail comes with (2) heat-shrink solder sleeves (just heat with a butane lighter to melt the solder and heat shrink seal at the same time) as well as two pieces of heat shrink tubing for extra protection.

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