7.3L FORD Powerstroke
EBV Delete Kit
3/99 - 2003 7.3L Ford F-Series Powerstroke Diesel

- Non-EBP Pedestal
- Non-EBP Turbo outlet Flange
- Turbo and pedestal mounting o-rings (4 pcs)
- Turbo mounting bolts (2 pcs)

What is the Exhaust Backpressure Valve?

The EBPV valve is designed to close during cold engine operation to allow the engine to warm up more quickly by creating additional exhaust backpressure. The system components include a flapper valve in the exhaust outlet housing which is controlled by an actuator located in the exhaust pedestal. The PCM operates an electric solenoid (also located in the pedestal) which send engine oil pressure to the actuator when EBPV action is desired.

What can go wrong?

As these trucks age, failures of the EBP system are becoming more common. We have seen trucks come in that could hardly move out of their own way because the EBV was rusted in the closed position. Oil leaks from the actuator located in the pedestal are also common. The solenoids also fail or break and quite expensive.

What is the answer?

Many customers are choosing to remove the EBP system all together for a number of reasons. Some of us just love the beauty of simplicity, others want to cut costs, and still others want to increase performance by removing even the slight restriction of the open valve. Deleting the EBP will set a code, but will not turn on the check engine light. If you've weighed the pros and cons and decided deleting is the way to go, this 7.3 Powerstroke EBPV delete kit makes it easy!

Own a 1999 Truck?

If you own a 1999 truck, it is very important to determine if it is an early or late 1999. This Ford 7.3 Powerstroke EBPV delete kit ONLY fits late 1999's. Many 1999 owners have learned the hard way that going by the VIN or production date is not always accurate. The easiest way to quickly determine if your truck is early or late is to measure the diameter of the intake cover connection. Late model trucks have a three inch inlet, early trucks have a two inch inlet. See figure below.

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