1999.5 - 2003
All 7.3L Trucks and Vans
(Including International T444E)

The wastegate solenoid mounts to the front of the air intake plenum, near the air intake heater. It is duty-cycle controlled by the PCM to precisely control boost level. It is normally closed. When opened, it bleeds pressure from the red line running from the plenum to the wastegate actuator. As boost pressure increases it forces the wastegate actuator to open and dump boost, so by reducing pressure to the actuator the wastegate control (WGC) solenoid increases boost when opened. A failed solenoid could cause either an under or over boost condition and associated codes depending on if it were stuck open, or stuck closed

7.3 Powerstroke wastegate solenoid replaces part numbers:

F81Z-6C673-AA, F81Z6C673AA

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