6.0L Powerstroke

Injector Steel Spacer


2003 - 2010

The 6.0L Powerstroke fuel injector has a D-ring style rubber seal in the top of the injector where the high pressure oil rail ball tube plugs into the top of the injector. The D-ring seal in the injector is retained by a snap ring, below the snap ring is a beveled steel spacer that guides the high pressure oil rail ball tube squarely into the D-ring seal.

From time to time, a catastrophic failure occurs at this seal point and the steel injector spacer can be broken into several pieces and may even be dislodged from the top of the injector. Sometimes this is due to failure to properly align the oil rail before tightening the retaining bolts. The steel spacer has been a very difficult item to find and often the entire injector was replaced. At AccurateDiesel, we love finding inexpensive solutions to expensive problems and thus we are now able to offer the steel fuel injector spacer, allowing the injector to be saved.

(Our injector seal kits contain the D-ring seal and snap ring which will likely also be needed - see related items below.)

This listing is for a spacer ONLY. An injector is not included.

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