6.0L / 6.4L Powerstroke

Oil Pressure Sensor Thread Repair Adapter

(Fits Truck and Van Applications)

Have you replaced the oil pressure sensor on your Powerstroke and proceeded to tighten the new one down only to realize with a sickening sensation that the sensor keeps spinning without tightening up? You could replace the oil filter base, but the list price from Ford is approximately $360 plus gaskets and several hours of installation time. Engineered by one of the nation's top Powerstroke technicians, our innovative oil pressure adapter fitting can have you back on the road with a permanent repair in as few as five minutes!

Our repair 6.4 and 6.0 Powerstroke oil pressure sensor adapter is equipped with threads that are approximately 1/4 inch longer those on the OEM sensor. When stripped treads occur, the oil sensor is replaced with the repair adapter which is able to tighten into undamaged threads in the oil filter base. The sensor then screws into the top of the adapter.

6.4L Owners please note

Unlike 6.0L applications that have plenty of additional threads for our repair adapter to screw into, 6.4L applications do not. In order to use this product on a 6.4L application, it is necessary to drill and tap the threads in the oil filter base 3/16 to 1/4 inch deeper. We strongly suggest removing the filter base from the engine to prevent metal shavings from entering the engine during this process. Although additional labor will be incurred, there is still a substantial savings versus replacing the entire filter base.

Filter base with stripped threads

Filter Base with Cracked Threads

Repair Adapter Installed

Sensor Installed into Adapter


Before beginning any repair always ensure that you are properly trained and equipped to handle the task and that you have read applicable sections of the factory service manual including all safety precautions. Safety glasses must be worn during the entire process.

6.0L Applications:

  • Carefully clean the stripped hole in the oil filter base to remove any loose metallic particles that could contaminate the sensor.
  • If the housing is cracked at the sensor hole, it will be necessary to coat the threads of the adapter with an epoxy product such as JB weld in order to give the repair sufficient strength. Stripped threads do not normally require epoxy but it can be used if desired to lend extra strength to the repair
  • Before applying epoxy, it is vitally important that both parts are clean and dry. Use plenty of brake cleaner and compressed air to ensure that no oil film remains.
  • Drying times must be strictly observed when using epoxy products
  • Install the adapter and carefully tighten to the factory specification of 108 in-lbs (9 ft-lbs) (Read torque wrench tips below)
  • Install the sensor into the adapter and tighten to the same specification

6.4L Applications:

  • Remove the oil filter base from the engine by following the factory disassembly procedure
  • Drill the threads 3/16th to 1/4 inch deeper using a 25/64 inch drill bit. Mark the drill bit with tape before beginning to drill in order to ensure the correct depth is reached.
  • Create threads in the newly drilled area using a 7/16 - 20 tap
  • Install the repair adapter and sensor as outlined above for 6.0L applications
  • Reassemble oil filter base to engine per factory instructions


  • Accurately torquing the repair adapter and sensor to the proper specification is key to completing this repair successfully.
  • Torquing accurately requires a quality torque wrench that has been properly maintained. The cheapest torque wrench available from the big import tool store does not qualify.
  • Torque wrenches are ONLY accurate when used near the center of their range. Even good torque wrenches are not as accurate near the top and bottom of their scale. If you use a 1/2 inch torque wrench that goes up to 150 ft-lbs to torque your repair adapter to 9 ft-lbs you will ensure the failure of the repair. A 1/4 or 3/8 inch drive torque wrench with an in-lb scale that puts the desired torque reading somewhere in the mid range of the scale is ideal.


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