5.9L /6.7L

Dodge / Cummins

MPROP / FCA Seal Kit

Fits 2003 - 2018

This Dodge/Cummins o-ring kit consists of the (2) O-rings that fit the Fuel Injection Pressure regulator attached to the rear of the CP3 Pump by (3) T-25 Torx head screws. This part is called by many names including:

Injection Pressure Regulator
Fuel Pressure Regulator
Fuel Control Actuator
Measuring Unit

The function of the injector pressure regulator is to control the output pressure of the high pressure CP3 fuel pump.

Anytime the MPROP is removed and replaced these o-rings should ideally be replaced. Failure of the larger O-ring will cause external leakage, while failure of the smaller oring will allow fuel to bypass the MPROP resulting in loss of proper rail pressure control.

This fuel pressure regulator kit offering is for (2) O-rings ONLY - an injection pressure regulator is NOT included. The regulator is shown to illustrate where the two orings fit.

Fits the following FCA Part Numbers (and others):
 0 928 400 666, 4932457, 68005241AA, 0928400642

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