Dodge Cummins

5.9L and 6.7L

2003 - 2018

- CP3 Repair Kit -



  •  All internal o-rings
  • Drive-shaft lip seals (2)
  • Snap Ring
  • Checkballs (3)
  • Torx Screws (9)
  • Protective caps ()

While CP3 repair is not usually considered a "DIY" project, sometimes minor issues such as a leak can be corrected in the field with this CP3 kit. For more major concerns additional CP3 pump parts, special tools, and test equipment will be required for a complete repair. We also stock remanufactured and new CP3 pumps - see related items below. Please note that cores must be received completely assembled.

Substantial discounts can be offered for bulk quantities.

NOTICE: Due to major supply chain issues caused by COVID shutdowns, we currently do not have the kits with bolts / screws. We what the same kit without bolts that is available. Select below

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