VW / Audi / Porsche
3.0L TDI
Injector Return Fitting
Porsche/Audi/VW 3.0L TDI Touareg injector replacement fits:

Touareg Cayenne A8 A4 A6 Q5 Q7 Phaeton

Note: This listing is for (1) Fitting, (1) Foot of hose, and clamps. Two fittings are shown above. You will need to select the fitting you need for the cylinder you are working on from the options below when purchasing.

Were you replacing an injector and accidentally broke a fuel injector return line connector? It is very easy to do as they are plastic and when they get full of grit and grime can be very challenging to release. In the past, your only option was to buy the complete fuel return hose assembly which runs over $150 from VAG.
Save well over $100 with our replacement fuel injector quick connect fitting! We include one foot of high-quality self-sealing braided rubber return line.

Repairs Return Line Part Number:

059130218AS, 059 130 218 AS

- Very carefully remove the hose from the return connectors on either side of the broken connector. An extremely sharp knife will allow you to cut the hose and remove it without damaging or breaking the connector the hose is being removed from. A Dremel type tool with a cutting disc may also be employed with extreme caution to prevent damaging the fitting.
-Pull the locking sleeve up on the new injector return fitting and push the fitting into place on the injector (a drop of clean oil will help it slide on freely). Push down on the locking sleeve to secure the fitting in position.
- Cut the return hose to length and very carefully push it into place on each of the connection points. Use slow steady pressure in a straight line to prevent breaking the return fittings. If necessary a drop of clean engine oil will help the hose slide into place more easily.
- For extra assurance of secure connections heavy duty USA Made hose clamps are included which can be installed as desired.
- Start the engine and check for any leaks

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