LLY Duramax Turbo Inlet Manifold - Replace your restrictive factory elbow to increase airflow and lower charge air and exhaust gas temperature
- Turbo Inlet Manifold -
2004.5 - 2005

- Cast Aluminum Construction
- Durable Black Powder Coast Finish

Why a performance turbo inlet manifold?

The stock LLY turbo inlet manifold / mouthpiece is noticeably restrictive which contributes to higher inlet air, engine, and exhaust temperatures than necessary. In order to make maximum power and operate at peak efficiency, engines need to breath! When comparing this performance inlet manifold to the stock part you will notice that the performance part has a much smoother radius which is far more conducive to efficient airflow. Additionally, the opening of our manifold where it meets the turbo is substantially larger in diameter. Customers report faster turbo spool times and increased throttle response when this part is installed. A performance inlet manifold makes sense for trucks that have larger performance exhaust systems since an engine cannot breath out any more air than it breaths in!

An interesting feature of this performance elbow is an internally threaded CCV connection port. If your truck is used on the street, then the CCV hose would connect to this port as normal. In racing applications the CCV (closed crankcase ventilation) system may sometimes be re-routed making this connection point unnecessary, in which case a plug is included to close the port.

This performance elbow does NOT include a provision for the factory air resonator which can be removed.

For the most part, installation is a very simple matter of removing the old elbow and reversing the procedure to install and should be a proverbial "snap" for anyone with basic mechanical skills - a few items should be noted as follows
1. If installing the CCV plug for racing application only, do NOT over-tighten which risks cracking the part. Just snug is sufficient. Cracking due to over-tightening is NOT a warranty condition.
2. The factory CCV tube contains an inner support liner that is no longer needed with this performance elbow and will need to be removed by grasping it with pliers and firmly working it out.
3. A zip tie is included and is recommended to be used for tying the VGT turbo actuator wiring so that it does not contact the turbocharger housing or inlet manifold.
4. These tips are not intended as a substitute for factory service information which should be read and followed including all safety precautions which include wearing safety goggles throughout the entire procedure.

NOTE: 2004 owners must confirm that their truck is an LLY model. This will NOT fit early 2004 LB7 models. LLY trucks have a "2" in the eighth VIN position.

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