LB7 Duramax Reman Injection Line Set

LB7 Injection Lines


- LB7 Duramax -

Fuel Injection Line Set

fits 2001 - 2004.5

Injection line corrosion is a huge problem on the LB7 Duramax diesels - especially in northern states. Water tends to collect inside the nut at the injector end of the line causing rust to form. When the injection line is removed, the inlet of the injector becomes filled with rust particles. Many times when we receive core injectors back from our customers the injector inlet is completely blocked with rust. The greatest problem is that if ANY rust gets into a new injector, it will be damaged and require repeat injector replacement which is a high labor operation on this engine. Replacing your injection lines at time of injector replacement is very inexpensive insurance against a costly repeat failure. It is extremely difficult to sufficiently clean the injection lines using ordinary methods and new lines from GM are very expensive. Our remanufactured lines go through a very extensive multi-step process and are then treated with a protective coating. Please note that these are not new lines - they will not appear perfect, but each has been returned to perfectly serviceable condition.

2004 owners only: To verify that these lines will fit your truck please ensure that the eighth digit of your VIN is a '1'.

Note: This line set carries an additional $100 refundable core charge. We expect your lines to be rusty inside the fittings - this is normal and acceptable. We cannot provide a refund for lines that are physically broken, have been cut, or are rusted through or nearly through. We will refund you for all lines returned that meet the preceding criteria. Example: If you return four good lines, you would receive 50% of the core refund

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Common Appearance of an LB7 Injector inlet after removal of a rusted line


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