Ford 6.9 L / 7.3 L - Remanufactured Injectors

IDI Injectors

These remanufactured injectors fit all 6.9L and 7.3L IDI non-turbo engines from 1983 through 1994. They include new copper tip gaskets and return o-rings. Typically by 100,000 miles injectors are worn and new injectors will increase efficiency / fuel economy and reduce smoke. These remanufactured injectors are second to none. In fact, analysis on a sophisticated injecto-matic machine has repeatedly shown that our remanufactured injectors perform better than many new injectors. An additional core charge of $80 is required which will be refunded when we receive your old injectors.

You may also wish to purchase our injector installation kit which includes return lines and fittings, etc for a leak-free installation. Or, purchase our full "Tune-Up" kit which includes injectors, installation kit, AND our premium USA made glow plugs and save (no shipping charge for the extra items).

Please NOTE: If ordering the injector installation kit (or the tune-up kit), you will need to select early or late style injector return caps. Please use the image below to determine which style you need


Price is for a set of 8 injectors.

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to select desired core option below.


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