6.5L Injection Pump

Remanufactured DS Electronic Pumps for 1994-2005 GM trucks and vans.

These pumps include all the latest updates and feature a one-year warranty.

STALLING PROBLEMS ? There are two main causes for stalling on the 6.5 diesel. The optical sensor is internal to the pump, but the PMD Driver (also know as FSD) can be replaced without removing the injection pump. Click here for a list of some items to check before replacing your pump or PMD.

We now offer three options when ordering a 6.5L injection pump.

Option 1


$100 Core Charge

DS Pump with New HD PMD (read about the HD PMD here). This pump is built to OEM standards, and, in fact, is the very same pump you would purchase if you paid up to twice as much at the dealer. Don't settle for a low-quality rebuild when you can have the assurance of a high quality remanufactured unit from an OEM supplier. Covered by our 1 year warranty. We are so confident in the quality of these pumps that if there is a verifiable failure not due to external causes, we will provide labor coverage for replacement. This pump can also be purchased without the PMD ($675) if you have recently purchased a PMD and now have injection pump issues.

Option 2:


$100 Core Charge

Stanadyne authorized rebuilt DS pump with NEW optical sensor, poppet valve, and Bullet-Proof PMD. These pumps are second to none. While other rebuilders may re-use questionable electronic parts, they are replaced in this pump. We have had outstanding success with these pumps which are second to none! Fully covered by our one year parts warranty.

Option 3:

Currently out of stock - sorry!

NO Core Charge

100% Brand NEW Stanadyne DS pump with Bullet-Proof PMD. If you are planning to keep your truck for a long time and are looking for the very best available, this is it!

SPECIAL OFFER: Add an FSD Heat Sync to your order for only $90.

  • Note: If you have a 1994 truck built before January 15, 1994, we need to know the part number of your old pump in order to issue a correct replacement. The Part number is located on the top line of the ID tag on the rear of the pump. If your part number is 5068, please e-mail or call for pricing and availability.
  • These pumps replace the following part numbers (and others):

    DS4831-5521S, 17800077, 12561307, 12561405, 12558156, 17800114, DS831-5521, DS4831-5067, DS4831-5288, DS4831-5459, DS4831-5942, 19208317, 19208315, 10225930

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