Frequently Asked Questions
(DB2 style pumps)

What does a rebuilt injection pump include ?

  • All new o-rings, shaft seals, and gaskets
  • Oversize or sleeved housing (as required) with new advance piston
  • Clean and refinish pump housing
  • Updated governor weight retainer (No more flex-ring failures !)
  • Re-surface face cam as necessary
  • All wear parts inspected and serviced as needed
  • Complete testing and re-calibration on a Bacharach fuel injection pump test stand
  • Each injection pump is shipped with installation guidelines and some clues to solving common pattern failures

What are some common clues to pump failure ?

  • Engine will not run or stalls due to plugged outlet fitting. This is typically caused by a broken governor weight retaining flex ring.
  • External leaks which cause hard starting. Typical leakage areas are the shaft seals, advance plunger, and throttle shaft seals.
  • Excessive smoke and poor driveability due to worn injection pump housing. When the steel advance piston wears out the aluminum housing, incorrect advance and poor engine operation result.

What is the typical turn-around time to rebuild a pump ?

  • The in-shop time for most pumps is about one week. In cases where a pump must be sent out for additional machining, additional time will be required. We will contact you in the rare event that this is required.

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